Spring break may be just around the corner, but you’ve been planning for weeks, possibly months, and you’re ready to explode with anticipation.

You’ve planned out all your travel arrangements, cashed your checks from work and maybe even started packing, but did you plan out what you’re actually going to DO when you finally get there?

Spring break shouldn’t be ALL about laying on the beach and drinking heavily; you should definitely have a plan for what you’re going to before and after all that sitting around and partying.

I looked into a few of the best spring break activities to get your endorphins flowing and your blood pumping so start planning now!

snorkeling on spring break


1. Snorkeling and scuba diving

What better way to get acquainted with an island or vacation spot by heading underneath it?

See what the local adventure places have to offer; they may offer something other than generic scuba/snorkeling like cave diving or something of that nature.

Explore the surrounding waters and everything in them from coral and anemones to fish and rays, you may have to buy yourself a waterproof camera just to satiate your need to remember it all.

You can have a snorkeling or scuba adventure for under $100 if you find the right place; you may even be able to get a group discount rate if you sign up with friends!

2. Parasailing

So maybe you aren’t into being underwater, but how about above it? If you’re not scared of heights (or even if you are) you should sign up for parasailing and get a real view for the island and surrounding areas.

Do it alone or with a friend, but either way, you will have an experience that will be unlike anything else you have ever done.

Soar over the open water and gaze down into the thick blue water beneath you, catch a glimpse of a family of dolphins as they undulate through the choppy waves and mingle with the winds as they carry you along.

3. Guided tours of the island

Who says guided tours are for old people? Well, sometimes they are, but a guided tour of an amazingly beautiful and lush island is nothing short of amazing especially for those budding photographers (or those who believe themselves to be).

Join a group and meet some new people as you peruse the beauty of the island from plants and flowers to animals and local culture, you’ll have a truly amazing time.

Don’t forget your camera to capture all of the amazing things you will inevitably see; you wouldn’t want to come across a monkey and not be able to videotape it swinging across the trees in front of you!

deep sea fishing


4. Deep-sea fishing

Even if you have never fished before or you just aren’t into fishing, this could be a really fun activity for you and your friends to enjoy! Find out from the front desk at your hotel where you can catch a fishing trip and sign up immediately.

You could also pool your money with some friends and buy a cheap boat of your own, should you want to head out fishing multiple times during your trip.

There are charities that auction off donated boats, which is the perfect way to save some money on your purchase. You can also be certain that the money that you spend on the boat will go to a good cause.

In the end, this method could end up costing less than chartering a fishing boat during your vacation.

Whether you decide to take part in the fishing fun or not, you will still have an amazing day out on the water and in the sun.

5. Rent a boat

If you have the money, why not rent a boat for the day? Pool your cash and pony up the dough to have a really unique, fun experience.

Enjoy a day floating lazily on the ocean or cruise around the island bay for a day of relaxation and fun; kill two birds with one stone by fishing during your boating extravaganza.

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