College is definitely the most notorious time when people are unanimously BROKE. You still want to shop, go out, go on spring break, and have a great time, but you just do not have the money. Here are some great ways to save money and still live it up.

The number one way to save some money is to sell to buy and sell your books via amazon.com. You should find your books there for much cheaper than your bookstore. I always found that used books were better anyway- they already were highlighted so I knew what I needed to focus on! If you have an Amazon Prime membership (which is a small yearly fee, but is TOTALLY worth it), you can usually get free two-day shipping. It’s great and well-worth the money if you plan to buy used books on there or buy anything from their amazing selection of items.

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For those of you who live in apartments or townhouses on or off campus and you have a kitchen to cook in, please do. I promise you it will save you money AND give you a great skill to have for your whole life. You can also follow my food blog at: thenovafoodie.blogspot.com. There is definitely some fun and creative stuff in there if I do say so myself! Once you do start shopping, start couponing. I know you don’t have the time to make a career out of it, but checking the newspaper and some online sites will definitely help to save you money. You can try thecouponclippers.com and couponcarryout.com to print coupons. Try to google different sites to see which site suits your needs best. It is super easy and does not have to be EXTREME. You can do mild or moderate couponing and it can still save you a ton!

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I always advise ALL of my friends to never shop online until they have searched the internet for a coupon code. Generally, you can do a google search to see if there is a coupon out there. There are several sites that list all kinds of coupons on their website. They have coupons you can print and coupon codes for internet shopping too! You can get coupons for all kinds of stores- Victoria’s Secret, NY and Co, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Polo… I really mean it- they have coupons for everywhere!! There are also great websites such as Retailmenot.com that can be your go-to source for coupons. They seem to be one of the best and most popular.

Of course, who hasn’t heard of Groupon and Living Social? Well you can also take advantage of their vacation deals as well. Try to plan your spring break around the deals you can get from these companies- it will definitely help to cut your costs. There is another site called Gilt Groupe. You can sign up for daily email deals from them as well, but be warned- there stuff is pretty “high end.” This company also features “Gilt City,” where you can get deals in the city that you live. These deals are usually to fun events, restaurants, and spas! Gilt City also features ” Jetsetter,” which provides vacation deals. It’s pretty awesome! Another website called Ideeli features online deals and vacation deals too. It’s fantastic. Hautelook is also another website that promotes fashion deals. These sites can be almost addicting and they make you  want to buy just because the deal is so good. Be careful and only buy what you need! If you were going out to dinner with a girlfriend and there was a groupon deal- get it; you were going anyway. If you needed to buy an LBD for an event and there is a great deal on Gilt Groupe – GET IT! But it doesn’t save you buy to buy something you don’t need just because it was on sale- no matter how much we try to justify it ladies!

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Fashionbay is also another great website. Again…addictive, but it’s still great. Basically what you do is buy bids for 80 cents each. You can bid on tons of high fashion/expensive/AUTHENTIC items or gift cards that start off costing only 1 penny. You start bidding and each time someone bids they increase the price of the item by 1 cent. If you are the last bidder, you win. But here’s the catch, if someone else bids after you right before the time ends, it restarts the time for 15 seconds. Lots of times you go back and forth in a bidding war, where the clock keeps resetting to 15 seconds. If no new bids take place in the last 15 seconds and you were the last bidder, the item is yours. Often times I have seen items that were worth hundreds of dollars sell for a few bucks- $10, $15, $2 (plus shipping). It’s amazing, but you will be hooked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

TEbates.com is my next adventure is shopping. I have not used it yet and cannot speak to its greatness, but I hear wonderful things! It pays you to make purchases. It is called ebates.com. They have big name companies on their site and every time you up to buy something from a certain site, you can get up to 25% back- IN CASH! There are so many stores on the list- it’s incredible. So if you are in need of some new Old Navy PJs or new bras from Victoria’s Secret, check this site out- it can’t hurt! And on top of that, it is saving you money off of things you were probably going to buy anyway! YAY!

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