Technology is being used in almost all aspects of life these days, from the smartphone you carry around to big industries. The use of technology is sports management is growing, too. This field can benefit from many technological advances that will help enable managers to do a better job.

Data Organization

One of the main tasks required in sports management is organizing and managing data. This can be tough if someone is using out-of-date processes and procedures. In the past, this was all done on paper, which was not an effective method. Then, as computer were introduced, the process became much easier. However, even more technology has been introduced to allow computers to do more and to increase their value in the sports management field.

Today, technology can be used to organize roasters and manage information including details on medical conditions, age, name, sex, clothing sizes, performance history, and contact information. It can be used to organize events and to manage the day-to-day tasks of a team and its administrative personnel. In addition, technology can be used for tracking donations, marketing, and training.


Technology has a lot of benefits to offer in terms of team performance. Using technology, a team can map plays, manipulate situations to determine the best course of action during game play, and manage players medical information. By being able to quickly and easily pull up stats, technology enables coaches to better use players and to know where their team’s strengths and weakness lie. Managers, however, need to implement these technologies in order for the team to ever reap the possible performance benefits.


While there are many benefits to using technology in sports, it isn’t always easy to make the case that a team should consider using it. This is especially true when it comes to more advanced technology, like that used by doctors or nurses treating team members. However, such technology, as discussed by Adelphi Online, can be very beneficial and even improve the treatment and care a health professional can provide.

Another issue is that jobs with a sports management degree may not often include a requirement for training in technology. If sports managers are not trained to use the technology, it isn’t going to be very helpful. There has to be a push towards integrating training so sports management professionals are being training in technology that they will be using once on the job. This isn’t an easy task when such training may not be readily available.

The best solution is for students interested in sports management to ensure their degree program includes some information technology courses. In addition, those already in the field can take IT courses to brush up on skills and learn new technology skills.

In the end, everyone in the field of sports can benefit when management starts to make more use of technology. The vast benefits and abilities of technological inventions are only just now being discovered. Things are sure to advance in the years to come. Those teams who refuse to move forward and grasp the technology that is available could find themselves falling behind. This could ultimately have an impact on the field.

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